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Immediately an aggressive program was started to convert Citizens to all underground cable. As one of the first rural companies to convert to buried cable, Citizens Telephone Company became a pioneer in buried plant construction and operation. One of 1959's goals was to serve as many one, two and fourparty subscribers with this new buried cable as rapidly as possible.

In 1959 Citizens and Southern Bell began providing countywide Extended Area Service (EAS) for all of Sumter County. In 1971 county-wide EAS service was begun in all Dooly County exchanges: Vienna, Pinehurst, Unadilla and Byromville. Three independent companies, General Telephone Company, Plant Telephone Company, and Citizens Telephone Company, joined forces for the successful completion of this EAS project.

Presently, Citizens Telephone Company serves approximately 5000 access lines with all digital central offices. The company's first optical fiber cables were laid in 1983. Now, all four central offices are interconnected with fiber facilities. Citizens Telephone Company was first in the area to offer touch-tone service.

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