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Call Forward No Answer routes the incoming call to an alternative number when you can't get to the phone.

  • How to use
    1. Dial *92. Or a rotary or pulse phone, dial 1192.
    2. Listen for the dial tone.
    3. First, dial the numbers of rings (from 2-9) to be allowed before the call is forwarded. Then dial the number where you want your calls forwarded.
    4. When the phone is answered, your Call Forward Busy is in effect. If the line is busy or there's no answer, hang up and then repeat steps 1-3. You'll hear a confirmation tone to let you know your Call Forward No Answer is now working.
  • To turn off
    1. Dial *93. Or a rotary or pulse phone, dial 1193.
    2. Listen for the confirmation tone, then hang up. Your Call Forward No Answer is now off.
  • To change the "forward-to" number
    1. Turn off Call Forward No Answer (see instructions above).
    2. Repeat the steps above to turn on Call Forward No Answer, entering the new "forward to" number.
  • Notes
    • Call Forward No Answer will forward to long distance numbers. Toll charges for calls forwarded to a long-distance number will apply.