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Call Forwarding lets you transfer your incoming calls to any telephone yo can dial directly.

  • How to use
    1. Dial *72. From a rotary or pulse phone dial 1172.
    2. Listen for three tones followed by dial tone.
    3. Dial the number where you would like your calls forwarded.
  • To turn off
    1. Dial *73 and listen for two beeps and dial tone. From a rotary or pulse phone dial 1173 and then wait for 4 seconds.
    2. Listen for confirm message.
  • Notes
    • When your calls are being forwarded, your telephone will ring briefly each time your number is dialed. You cannot answer the calls, but the ring is a reminder that Call Forwarding is still in effect.
    • While calls are being forwarded, you can still make outgoing calls.
    • If you forward your calls on any number outside your local calling area, you will be charged for any call forwarded to the distant number.