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Call Waiting lets you know someone else is calling when you're using the telephone.

  • How to use
    1. If you hear beep and want to end the first call, simply hang up. Your telephone will immediately ring with the second call.
    2. To answer the second call, press and release the receiver button quickly. The first call will be put on hold, and you will be connected to the second call.
    3. To return to the first call, press and release the receiver button again. You can switch back and firth between two calls as often as you want.
  • To temporarily turn off
    1. Dial *70, or 1170 on a rotary or pulse phone.
    2. Listen for a dial tone.
    3. Dial the number you wish to reach.
  • Notes
    • You cannot turn off Call Waiting while a call is in porcess.
    • Call Waiting automatocally reactivates when you hang up.