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Caller ID lets you see the number calling before you answer the phone.

  • How to use
    1. When you receive a call, wait until your telephone completes the first ringing cycle.
    2. The telephone number of the person calling you will automatically appear on your display screen between the first and second ringing cycle.
    3. If you choose to answer the call, the number will remain on the screen until you or the caller hangs up.
  • Notes
    • Functionality of Caller ID requires the lease or purchase of a display telephone, or an add-on display unit.
    • If "private" appears on your screen, the caller may have blocked the display of their number by using Caller ID Block before placing the call. You can choose the answer the call or not.
    • The features only supports numbers within our CLASS service area. If "unknown number" or "out of area" appears on your display, the caller is in an area that does not support Caller ID services.
    • If you receive a Call Waiting tone, Caller ID services will not function for that call.