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Selective Call Forwarding routes important callers to alternate phone number.

  • How to use
    1. Dial *63.
    2. Listen for an announcement telling you whether the feature is currently on or off. The recorded voice will then tell you how many (if any) numbers are currently stored on your forward list.
    3. Follow the voice instructions and press 3 to turn the feature ON (if it is currently off), or turn the feature OFF (if it is currently on).
  • To enter your "Forward-to" number
    1. The first time you turn on the service, you'll be asked to enter the number to which you would like your special calls forwarded. From then on, the system will simply remind you of the current "forward-to" number.
    2. If the current number is correct, press 1.
    3. If you wish to change the current "forward-to" number, press 0 and then follow voice instructions.
  • To hear the phone numbers on your list
    1. Dial *63.
    2. Press 1.
    3. After the list is read, voice instructions will follow.
  • To add a number to your list
    1. Dial *63.
    2. Press #.
    3. Follow the voice instruction to enter the selected phone number, then press # again. press 01# to add the last incoming call to your list. You can store up to 12 phone numbers on your forward list.
  • To remove a number from your list
    1. dial *63.
    2. Press *.
    3. Follow the voice instructions; press 07 after hearing a number to remove it from the list.
  • When someone calls
    • If your service is turned ON, and the caller is on your forward list, the call will be re-routed to your "forward-to" list number. If the caller is not on your forward list, the call will ring at your home as usual.
  • Notes
    • The list you create here is separate from any other lists you may be using for Selective Ringing, Selective Call Rejection, and similar services.
    • This service can work with Call Forward (all calls). Numbers on your selective list will follow you to your Selective Call Forward number. All other calls you receive will be routed to your regular Call Forward number.
    • Selective Call Forwarding will forward to long distance numbers. Toll charges for calls forwarded to a long-distance number will apply.
    • Selective Call Forwarding can not be used with a rotary or pulse phone.