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  Selective Ringing             

Voice Mail lets your caller be able to leave messages when you are on or away from your phone and you will never worry about missing a call. The service can answer two or three calls simultaneously and even work when your power is out.

Message waiting indicator service provides a stutter dial tone and equipments are available that gives you visual notification if new messages are waiting.

  • How to set up
    1. Dial *92. Put in the number of rings that you want your phone to ring before going to Voice Mail. Do not hang up yet.
    2. Dial 874-0099 or 268-0099 (these are voice mail access numbers).
    3. When the recording ask for your mailbox number, put in your telephone number. Then it will ask for your password. At this point you can make your own personalized greeting.
    4. Dial *90 to activate Call Forward Busy. Do not hang up yet.
    5. Dial 874-0099 or 268-0099. When Voice Mail answers, you may then hang up. Now, both your Call Forward No Answer and Call Forward Busy are activated and your Voice Mail is ready to take messages.
  • To check your voice mail
    1. From your home, dial 874-0099 or 268-0099 and enter your password. Listen for instructions (If you have a non-published number or Caller ID Block turned on, you must dial *82 before dialing 874-0099 or 268-0099 to access your voice mail).
    2. If you are away from home, dial 874-0099 or 268-0099, then enter your home phone number and password. Listen for instructions.
  • To deactivate or reactivate your Voice Mail from home
    1. To deactivate your voice mail, dial *93 and *91.
    2. To reactivate your voice mail, you must repeat the set up steps.